1. Yolcu
2. Vay Dünya
3. Leyla
4. Anlatmam Derdimi
5. Soför Bey
6. Derdimi Dökersem
7. Kolbasti
8. Ervah-i Ezelde
9. Gesi Baglari
10. Süpürgesi Yoncadan

More Info:

Altin Gun was inspired by founder Jasper Verhulst’s passion for both Turkish folk music & psychedelia. Their new record Gece firmly establishes the band as masterful interpreters of Anatolian rock/folk & leading voice in the emergent global psych scene. It’s electric Turkish history reimagined for the 21st century, filled with funk-like grooves & explosive psychedelic textures. It’s the sound of a band both committed to its sources & excitedly transforming them.